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Polymer Aging Concepts

“I have worked with Marlin for a number of years. His skill sets in management, marketing and sales and investment are unparalleled. He takes command of opportunities and closes the deal. And he does it in a respectful person-to-person environment. Couldn’t recommend him more highly!”

Ken Watkins, CEO – Polymer Aging Concepts

managed Marlin H. directly as consultant

Director of International Sales – Atlanta, Georgia

FreeWave Technologies

“Marlin has a tireless work ethic and is willing to do what is necessary to be successful. He has an extensive international background. While at FreeWave, he built reseller partner coverage models in Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East by leveraging some of his long term contacts and extensive international experience.

He has demonstrated expertise and developed opportunities in “IoT” wireless communications for “Smart Utilities”, “Smart Cities” and Oil and Gas SCADA networks.

Marlin has a passion for international sales/business development, respected by his peers, is a team-player and willing to work hard to build the business from the ground up.”

Kim Niederman,  CEO at FreeWave Technologies

managed indirectly Marlin H. at FreeWave Technologies

“I enjoy working with Marlin. He knows international business development, how to build partnerships, and cultivate customers. He consistently develops partnerships to identify opportunities in wireless IoT and CCTV/security, and moves them forward. This is clearly aided by his knowledge of wireless technology, and how to position the Smart City/Grid/Security solutions with customers so they see it as viable and practical. Marlin and his global contacts are a plus to rapid introduction into international markets. “

Brad Gilbert, Director of Product Management, FreeWave Technologies
worked with Marlin

“As CEO of Pacific Advantage, I have worked with Marlin while he held international sales management positions with three different companies. He is a top professional in the international business area and knows the right partners, the right process to engage them and how to drive large sales opportunities. Pacific Advantage has worked on projects with Marlin that include IoT wireless solutions including Smart Cities, Smart Utilities, Enterprise / Government Security, SCADA Networks and Cyber Security. However, I can recommend Marlin to any technology company seeking to expand internationally and would be available to speak live should that be needed as well.”

Wayne Merrick, CEO, Pacific Advantage
worked for Marlin at FreeWave Technologies

“I reported to Marlin while at FreeWave Technologies. As Director of International Sales he created and executed strategic plans for ROW, conducted business development from the ground up, and hired a network of resellers. Marlin has a strong background in international reseller channel management and project management. He has extensive knowledge of the international marketplace for wireless products. He is an effective liaison between the U.S. principal and international resellers. He helped me several times by travelling into my territory and providing insight and support with my resellers. He is a dedicated, hard-working individual who would be an asset to any organization.”

Milo Bradley, Sales Manager, Latin America
reported to Marlin H. at FreeWave Technologies

“Marlin Nelson is a professional Sales Director with a strong background in International Sales. Marlin has always been committed to delivering strong customer service and has gone the extra mile on more than one occasion to get the business done.”

Brett Aked, Director , Business Development, Control Synergy
distributor for Marlin H. at FreeWave Technologies

“I have worked with Mr. Marlin as a director international sales Freewave. Marlin has great experience in international sales. He has fantastic abilities in customer handling and developing sales rapport with customer to win orders. He has great technical abilities and latest wireless technology knowledge. He is a great motivator and a team builder in international environment. Very hardworking and persistent to conclude on orders and big account openings. We at  TAS enjoyed working with him and because of him we could open up some big customer accounts in India in oil and gas and we are pursuing some large orders in gulf countries. It is an asset to have such a friend and great motivator and technology partner. “

Babu Pokharkar Director Total Automations Solutions, Oman, Qatar and India ”

distributor for Marlin H. at FreeWave Technologies

Director Sales and Business Development, Americas – Atlanta, Georgia

NICE Intelligence Solutions

“Marlin is an excellent sales executive that can bring significant value and fast results to any company he’s working for. Marlin directed long and complex sales cycles and deals in North America, leading to obtain new customers and new projects. I’ve enjoyed working with Marlin on both the personal and professional level and he will be an asset to any organization.”

Oren Arar, COO, SeguroPay, Previously with Nice Intelligence Solutions
worked directly with Marlin H. at NICE Systems

“Marlin is very good at doing international business development.
He very quickly developed new direct and indirect sales channels with distributors and agents in many countries in Europe, Canada, and Latin America generated leads worth tens of millions of dollars.”

Moshe Gerber, VP Marketing and Sales at Mennen Medical, Previously with Nice Systems
managed Marlin H. at NICE Systems

Vice President International Sales – Atlanta, Georgia


“Marlin is a great VP sales for high tech products. He was able to build from scratch a large and solid opportunity pipeline that spanned the globe. He brings a solid ability to close deals and a deep understanding of the sales process for large multi-million dollar contracts. He can marshal internal cross functional resources and focus internal staff on specific opportunities. His ability to negotiate win-win deal with tier 1 wireless operators is second to none.”

Joseph Khoury , VP Business Development and Strategy , TruePosition – Liberty Media
worked with Marlin H. at TruePosition

“I am happy to recommend Marlin. He is an astute businessman with Global business acumen. His accomplishments were many. Examples include: acquiring the first international order from direct participation in the Middle East, building a solid opportunity pipeline that spanned the globe as well as assisting in building internal processes that permitted cross functional teams to participate and contribute in all opportunities in the pipeline.”

Jeff Bull , Senior Director , TruePosition, Inc.
worked directly with Marlin H. at TruePosition

“Marlin is a highly-energetic and effective sales executive with the skills and drive necessary to lead a sales team to new levels of success. While I only worked with him for about a year, his accomplishments were impressive, including:

– First International Order from direct participation in the Middle East
– Building a solid opportunity pipeline of opportunities that Span the globe
– Assisting in the building of internal processes that allow a cross functional team of Professionals to be involved in all opportunities that are in the pipeline
– Global business acumen”

I fully endorse him and can recommend Marlin as a great sales leader.”

Paul Merideth, Sr. Manager of Customer Support at Oracle, Previously VP Operations at TruePosition
worked with Marlin H. at TruePosition

“Marlin Nelson has a personality that can rally the troops and ensure that everyone is working toward a common goal. Through his tenacity and perseverance, Marlin finds a way to overcome any obstacle placed before him.”

Brian Varano, Director of Marketing at Vistacom, Previously Director of Marketing at TruePosition
worked with Marlin H. at TruePosition

“I have known Marlin for over a year and I have worked closely with him. I am happy to endorse Marlin for his work as a Vice President of International Sales. He is a very hard working individual and extremely focused at what he does. Marlin managed his group professionally and was able to focus the group and bring results to the table. I would be happy working with Marlin in the near future. “

John Ghabra, Product Manager at Spirent Communications, Previously Manager for Tech. Support at TruePosition
worked with Marlin H. at TruePosition

“I reported to Marlin when he was VP of International Sales at TruePosition. During the time we worked together in Latin America, Marlin proved to be hardworking, enthusiastic and supportive of the members of his team. Because his vast international experience he was able to manage and support the business development and sales activities of the international sales organization. I would be happy to support Marlin in any of his future business endeavors.”

Marcos Villanueva, VP Sales Caribbean & Latin America , TruePosition

Global Director Location Services – Atlanta, Georgia

Openwave Systems

“As the Global Practices Director, Marlin was responsible for leading business development and sales for Openwave’s Location practice world-wide. He did an excellent job of applying his deep understanding of Location and Location applications to develop business opportunities, including the sale of significant engagement to an EMEA carrier valued at over $1 million USD. Marlin’s positive, can-do approach was very helpful as he worked to design and develop his practice.”

Thor Johnson, VP – Global Services, World Wide Sales Operations , Openwave Systems
managed Marlin H. at Openwave Systems Inc.

“I worked with Marlin at Openwave. Marlin was an integral part of the Location Products and Services group. Without question he was a master of all the ways a Telco Operator could leverage their business with his products. His focus on sales, business development and executive leadership was global; however my experience with Marlin was in the Asia Pacific region where he had extraordinary contacts and understanding of the business requirements of the region.”

Tom Dawes, VP & GM APAC , Openwave Systems
Worked with Marlin at Openwave Systems

“Marlin inclination to sales and his dedication and passion towards his work is highly commendable. His close working relationship with colleagues and openess towards clients always gets good attention to progress deal opportunity a step ahead every time.

Subject Matter knowledge in relation to GPS related technology is also highly commendable. Marlin’s understanding of the local dynamism in the Asia Pacific landscape makes it easier for him to interact with local clients.”

Lyndon Teoh, Regional Director, OpenWave Systems
Worked with Marlin in Asia Pacific Region

Sr. VP Global Sales – Cambridge, UK

Cambridge Positioning Systems

“Marlin is a high energy Sales Executive with true global presence and reach. I would be happy endorse your consideration of Marlin”

Chris Wade, CEO , CPS
managed Marlin H. at Cambridge Positioning Systems

“I worked with Marlin at CPS where he ran our global sales and business development organization, licensing our products to cellular operators, handset and network equipment vendors, including our first system sale in China. Marlin is extremely hard-working, energetic and capable with a real ‘start-up’ mentality, developing sales and distribution channels and building relationships with customers and business colleagues.”

Paul Hansen, VP Terminals , Cambridge Positioning Systems
worked directly with Marlin H. at Cambridge Positioning Systems

“Marlin brought valuable business understanding to the skilled Location Based Services crew at Cambridge Positioning Systems. His global perspective and contacts were instrumental in forming and leading the right sales group and their activities. Marlin is a high energy contributor and will be an asset for any organization he works with or for.”

Knud Balslev, ISV Partner Manager , Compaq
was with another company when working with Marlin H. at Cambridge Positioning Systems

I would strongly recommend Marlin as a no-nonsense Global Sales and Business Development Manager, with an ability to work successfully, and with focus and drive, towards customers and other eco-system members. He was particularly effective with Carriers and Handset vendors in the wireless sphere, and his international business acumen led to CPS breakthroughs in China and other regions.”

John Craig , VP Product Management , Cambridge Positioning Systems (CPS)
worked directly with Marlin H. at Cambridge Positioning Systems

“I have known Marlin Nelson for almost 9 years now. Marlin is one of the most experienced Global Sales and Business Development professionals I have ever met. He also has an enviable contact list globally (Wireless Operators, local Distribution Channels, Handset and Equipment Vendors, among many others), but these are not just contacts, they are people that he has developed a relationship with throughout his career. During the time I worked with Marlin, he never failed to provide me with valuable contacts for the markets he asked me to work. Marlin is a tenacious, enthusiastic and inspiring person with a “start up” mentality. Furthermore, he goes out of his way to build strong relationships with everyone that works with and around him. I highly recommend Marlin Nelson for any position that requires an experienced Global Sales and Business Development professional.”

Luis Alves, Director of Operator Business Development , Cambridge Positioning Systems
reported to Marlin H. at Cambridge Positioning Systems

“Marlin and PAL China GM had sold the world’s 1st ever high accuracy, non GPS location technology on a GSM network in China in 2004. He is personable and with high integrity which are important elements to gain the trust, confidence and friendship with the partners and customers. He is very candid with his approach in negotiation and they all work well for doing business in Asia.”

Hali Tsang, COO Pacific Advantage
was a consultant or contractor to Marlin H. at Cambridge Positioning Systems

“I worked with Marlin, and found him to be a target driven professional in sales and also very capable in developing the market. He had a boundless energy in his own tasks, and as a Sales Executive ensured team members were focused on their targets.”

John Darroch, Senior Business Development Manager , CPS LTD
reported to Marlin H. at Cambridge Positioning Systems

“Marlin is an experienced Sales and Marketing executive with an excellent global contact base in the wireless community. Marlin has a very high energy level and passion for excellence. He has been a pleasure to work with and I strongly endorsement him for any executive level sales and / or business development role, especially in the global wireless market.”

Tasso Roumeliotis, CEO and Founder, Location Labs
was with a software, development company when working with Marlin H. at Cambridge Positioning Systems

“I have known Marlin personally for more than 10 years. During this time I have observed his extensive contact base and success throughout the MEA region. I have successfully worked with him at CPS most recently to close a large “Pan GCC countries” deal for the launching of LBS services. Fawzi Yammine Managing Director MEACOM Int’l, CPA Partner in MEA Region”

Fawzi Yammine , Founder and CEO, MeaCom
was with another company when working with Marlin H. at Cambridge Positioning Systems

“Marlin is a sales and marketing executive with an excellent contact base and business development skills for Latin America. During his time with CPS, I was his partner/customer and I experienced an excellent rapport with Marlin that led us to sign a cooperation agreement for the development of LBS services in Brasil.”

Fabio Luzo Alves
was with another company when working with Marlin H. at Cambridge Positioning Systems

President and COO – Atlanta, Georgia

“As Chairman of the Board, Marlin reported to me in his role as President and COO. Previously he had been the General Manager of the Bulletin Division of TWS Wireless and responsible for their entry into the US market. After the-spin out, he led the compahy through 2 rounds of financing totaling $16.5 million and signed a major VAR agreement with Vodaphone-UK to resell our products to their enterprise customers. Later he convinced to an OEM reseller and make a $2 million investment in the company. Ultimately helped the company exit by selling controlling interest to a private investor”

Robert D Francis, Chairman of the Board
managed Marlin H. at

“Marlin is a highly experienced and gifted international business manager. He is thorough, tenacious and results oriented. He has developed (and continues to develop) a significant and impressive international business network base who know and trust Marlin’s integrity and commercial acumen. Marlin is a seasoned professional in the business of global Sales and Business Development who is comfortable and excited at the prospect of opening new and challenging market opportunities – witness his ‘first sale into China’ victory. Marlin has significant experience in the establishment, development and management of direct and indirect distribution channels. He has worked with major handset manufacturers and network operators to deliver new busibess opportunities. He is courageous and honest and is ruthlessly effective in business ‘start up’ environments.

Mike Holland, Managing Director – EMEA ,
reported to Marlin H. at

“Among the many aspects that make Marlin an excellent leader and mentor include his positive attitude, “coaching” managerial style, deep experience and a very strong network of contacts, especially in international. Marlin built the UK sales and marketing office and successfully led the executive team through two rounds of venture financing.”

Mark Winter, VP Marketing ,
reported to Marlin H. at

“Marlin has an uncanny ability to develop international contacts. He was also successful in raising two rounds of VC money at Bulletin. Excellent leader!”

Ron Pearl, CTO at
reported to Marlin H. at Sr. VP and General Mgr. Wireless Division

Sr.VP Global Sales – Atlanta, Georgia

Digital Transmission Systems

“As a member of the Board of Directors and a consultant to Digital Transmission Systems, I had frequent contact with Marlin as he guided the company’s entry into wireless data. He created this new business that generated 35% of the company’s revenues in less than 3 years and helped position the company for its IPO. After this very successful sales ramp up, he convinced the company to create a replacement product line that became the wireless backhaul standard in China for backhaul applications.”

Robert Francis, Board Member managed Marlin H. indirectly at Digital Transmission Systems

“Marlin is a very strong sales/marketing executive with global business experience and excellent management skills. I worked for Marlin during the creation of DTS’s wireless division that sold microwave radios to international markets with particular focus on the Asia Pacific and Latin American regions. Marlin created an extensive distribution and reseller network that ramped sales from zero to the multi-million dollar level in two years. Under his leadership we dominated this niche market. The division’s results contributed to DTS’s successful IPO.”

Jim Chamberlin , VP of Marketing , Digital Transmission Systems reported to Marlin H. at Digital Transmission Systems

“Marlin had the keen business insight and wherewithal to recognize the potential for DTS’ products internationally. He presented a compelling business case to the board and launched our international business. DTS quickly became the dominant supplier of spread spectrum radios for wireless operators in China, India and Latin America. Once the international business was under control he turned his hand to address the flagging wireless division. Under Marlin’s steady hand within 3 years it had grown to become 38% of DTS’ revenue. Throughout the time we worked together Marlin was proactive in keeping me (VP Operations) apprised of developments and potential developments so we could proactively support customer’s needs. Marlin’s forward-thinking, can-do attitude made him a pleasure to work with. He is an insightful sales exec who is an asset to any technology organization. “

Frances Scoville, VP Healthcare Revenue Cycle, Previously VP Operations at DTS

“When Marlin was the VP of Int’l Sales, he was instrumental in setting up the Asia Pacific (APAC) sales and marketing organization with Pacific Advantage. Over a 3 years period we dominated the microwave spread spectrum market in APAC and made “Skyplex” the top recognized brand of radios. Marlin is very knowledgeable about the markets in APAC and is a top notch sales executive with many contacts.”

Hali Tsang, COO Pacific Advantage- Hong Kong was a consultant or contractor to Marlin H. at Digital Transmission Systems

“Marlin Nelson is a highly seasoned business executive, besides his excellent knowledge of the markets he has been involved in, he possesses a special charisma and passion in his work, assets that make him very valuable to any organization he is associated with.”

Walter A. German, President , Walter A. German and Associates
reported to Marlin H. at Cambridge Positioning Systems

“I had the pleasure and memorable experience of working with Marlin Nelson. His work at DTS has been a true contribution and an amazing success to the wireless business here in India. Marlin is very giving of his time and willing to help. He is an inspiring and energetic person and who’s vision and advice i trust and respect. Given an opportunity i would love to work with him again.”

Chidanand Dalwai, Manager – Hosting and Managed Services, Sify Ltd. – India was with another company when working with Marlin H. at Digital Transmission Systems

Managing Director, Sr. Vice President – London, UK

Hayes Microcomputer Products

“Marlin Nelson is an energetic, detail-oriented Executive with a global perspective and business acumen. He developed Hayes’ sales in the region and was very successful in growing the business unit, including staffing, new product certification and in sales channel development in UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland. I recommend Mr. Nelson for all jobs he would consider.”

Mikhail Drabkin , VP Product Development and Corporate Engineering, Hayes Microcomputer Products

worked with Marlin H. at Hayes Microcomputer Products

Whlist I only worked with Marlin for a brief period, he was certainly an energetic person, with great teaming skills and a can do attitude. Whilst driving sales hard, he was always thoughtful of other people, supportive and keen to develop individuals. Marlin was always available to get involved with customers situations and opportunities. High integrity and a positive outlook at all times.

Jeremy Butt, EVP EMEA for WestCon Group, Previously Director of Sales at Hayes Micro Computer Products

reported to Marlin H. at Hayes Microcomputer Products

General Manager, Vice President Sales – Paris, France

General DataComm Industries

“He successfully established the first European subsidiary for the company and led the market entry into Europe, Middle East and Africa from Paris headquarters. Consistently made bookings and revenue objectives and closed large OEM transaction with TRT-Phillips. Marlin was a team builder and his staff was always very loyal to him.”

Robert D Francis, President of General DataComm International

managed Marlin H. at General DataComm Industries

“Marlin has an excellent track record, all the essential experience, knowledge and skills required of a successful sales executive. He has an extensive network of business contacts world wide that have proven to be a major asset in his international sales success. Marlin has a keen ability to plan and execute effective sales strategies and to structure his organization using direct sales and channels for the greatest effect where required.”

Gary Bacon , Vice President Asia Pacific , General DataComm- Singapore worked with Marlin H. at General Datacomm Industries

I enjoyed working with Marlin during our time of building the sales and profitability of this company. Marlin was hardworking, energetic and compassionate towards making our key objectives. He is an asset for any company employing his services.

Dan Gottleib, VP Sales, Americas, General Datacomm Industries worked with Marlin H. indirectly at General Datacomm Industries

Director, International Sales – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Digital Communications Associates

“Experienced Global Sales executive with excellent contacts in the wireless telecommunications community. Marlin reported to me while at Digital Communications Associates, built solid sales teams, reseller channels and successfully developed business throughout EMEA. He demonstrated great team spirit and support in merging the Amsterdam sales/support organization into Geneva based EMEA HQ.”

Peter Rippstein, Director Comfone-Suisse, Previously VP EMEA for Digital

Communications Associates- managed Marlin H. at Digital

Marlin was my manager at DCA. Under his guidance I transitioned from my technical position to the commercial side of technology. He is a fantastic salesman and a skilled manager. As we worked in an indirect sales environment, he had to manage resellers as well as employees and he does both excellently.

Robert Zucker, Director Technical and Sales Support,
Worked for marlin at Digital Communications Associates.

I headed up a Distribution organization during which time Marlin was the VP responsible for International business for our top supplier. I always found Marlin to be receptive to my requests and took ownership of a number of thorny issues predecessors had swerved. We always found mutually beneficial ground upon which we were able to proceed and be successful. I would have no hesitation in recommending Marlin to a prospective employer. He is a terrific relationship person and very effective in his role.

Sue Forgie, Director of Distribution, Computer Marketing-UK

Worked with Marlin H. at Digital Communications Associates



Government Security Agencies and LEAs,

Wireless Operators,

Airport Authorities,

Utility Companies (Electric, Water, O&G)

Eco System Partners

Software Application Developers

System Integrators

Value added Re-sellers

SI’s, Distributors and OEMs 

Wireless Operators

40+ operators in the Americas


Australia  and EMEA

RAN Vendors