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Sales Director, N. America  | (2018 – Present)

Digital Clues – Dahlonega, GA / Atlanta, GA

Digital Clues is composed of elite intelligence operatives, data scientists and open source web intelligence (WEBINT) experts who use technologies and methods previously available only to governments and intelligence agencies to unlock the potential of the deep web.We serve a diverse clientele, including law enforcement and intelligence agencies, federal and municipal governments, and the finance and banking industries.

As Director of Sales for Digital Clues ( ) he is bringing Open Source / Web Intelligence Solutions to Intelligence & Law Enforcement Agencies and Public / Private Enterprises for the protection of their critical infrastructure.

Consultant & Board Adviser | (2017 – Present)

Polymer Aging Concepts – Dahlonega, GA / Atlanta, GA

A U.S. Department of Defense funded startup and innovator in measuring the aging of polymers for a wide range of applications that include solid rocket propellants, industrial rubber products, and electric motors windings.

  • Hired to create a commercial white paper to attract clients and potential investors, secure additional funding, and identify opportunities to commercialize the company’s technology beyond the Department of Defense.
  • Develop key materials to support business development, including sales collateral, messaging, term sheets, and investor revenue models. Attend exhibitions and funding venues; deliver presentations to attract investment.
  • Serve as a trusted board adviser in the areas of competitive threat analysis and strategy development for the prioritization of key commercial markets.

FreeWave Technologies (Atlanta, Georgia): Director International Sales & Business Development      2013-2017

Leading provider and manufacturer of wireless IoT & Machine to Machine critical communication solutions.

Job Description

Responsible for all business development and sales for FreeWave’s wireless solutions sold through Distributors,  System Integrators, Value Added Resellers and OEMs. This role required identifying, recruiting, managing and driving sales through direct FreeWave business development professionals and indirect channels with expertise in complex solutions for  wireless networks  and  IoT  (Internet of Things) solutions for Security / Intelligence, Cyber Security, “Smart Cities”, “Smart Utilities”, “Smart Factory Automation”,  “Smart Oil and Gas Automation”  and critical Machine to Machine wireless  communications.


Architect of and Executed strategy for recruiting, training and managing all direct and indirect sales channels outside of the United States and developing a large sales funnel of  “IoT” (Internet of Things)  opportunities

  • Results: Leveraging global contacts he Identified and closed  Million $ opportunity in   LATAM
  • Sold and Installed a complicated Wi-Fi wireless network  pilot  with major Middle East Electric Utility which qualified FreeWave as a vendor for   budgeted $250M+ projects   for “Smart Utilities, Critical Communications and Security”
  • Results: Established a $50M+ pipeline for other opportunities in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Australia, EMEA and LATAM  for IoT solutions for  “Smart Cities, Smart Utilities, “Smart Oil and Gas” “Smart Factories”
  • Set-up Asia Pacific Region and Middle East region with local partners and created  new revenue streams in the Americas, Europe, China, S. Korea,  Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Saudi Arabia,  United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Nice Intelligence Solutions (Atlanta, Georgia): Director of Sales and Business Development, Americas     2009-2013            

Global  provider of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for  intelligence, public safety, location and situational awareness technologies for Federal  and State Government  Agencies, LEAs and large Enterprise customers.

Job Description

Responsible for all business development, sales and quota achievement of  Nice’s  intelligence,  security and public safety solutions in the Americas and Europe. Targeted customers were government  / law enforcement agencies, state and municipal governments and  large enterprises.  Principal lead for development of all proposals.


Identified and developed several large opportunities for  Nice’s intelligence and location  solutions for Public Safety,  Federal Government Agencies and LEAs, worked closely with the end user to understand their “pain points” and architect ed  solutions with the coordination, help  and input of  Nice’s HQ colleagues to solve the “pain points” of the customer

  • Results: Established NICE as a vendor to supply  Location Technology for  EENA112 public safety members
  • Results: Identifed a large opportunity in N. America, Directed and Managed a long and complex sales cycle
  • Results: Closed a multi-million $ North America opportunity with Government Agency
  • Results: Created  multi-million $ pipeline of additional IoT/security opportunities throughout the Americas
  • Results: Created OEM channels to integrate the location software into Public Safety Solution Platforms

TruePosition (Atlanta, Georgia): Vice President International Sales                                                        2008 – 2009

A leading provider of wireless location determination and intelligence solutions for the safety and national security markets.

Job Description

Responsible for all business development and sales outside of North America. TruePosition’s location solutions were sold direct to Government Public Safety, intelligence agencies and large state owned enterprises and sold through indirect sales partner channels with expertise in complex solutions for wireless telecommunications. Managed a sales / support budget and authored business plan that determined booking, revenue  and EBITDA targets.


Built trust and credibility; promoted state-of-the-art security solutions to key governmental entities;     E112 and 911 public safety, national security and intelligence markets.

Recruited channel partners to gain entry into the elite Federal, State and Military Intelligence markets

Designed inter-departmental infrastructure/process to present opportunities and partners for approval early in sales cycle decreasing proposal time by 50%.

Architect of the processes to monitor/report on progression of sales opportunities; negotiated systems integrator and VAR agreements; led weekly executive staff meetings to strategize on prioritizing and converting opportunities to sales;

Team Leader for  proposal efforts.

  • Results: Decreased legal contract review by 80%; ensured solidarity behind business.
  • Results: Quickly built $100M+ opportunity pipeline for location software and hardware solutions for 911 and E112
  • Results: Developed and closed the first $3M international sale
  • Results: Achieved first revenue for international division and identified six additional key multi-million dollar opportunities in Europe and the Middle East

Openwave Systems (Atlanta, GA): General Manager – LBS Software Business Unit                                2006 – 2007

Leading innovator of software applications and infrastructure designed to enable revenue-generating, personalized services, including mobile analytics, content adaptation, mobile and broadband advertising, and of unified messaging solutions.

Job Description

Responsible for worldwide revenues for all location based (LBS) technologies. Created seminar and presentation materials and worked closely with the field sales organization to promote and sell the LBS Solutions Portfolio to  existing / new customers and Public Safety PSAPS and OEMs.


Set up first “location services solutions” business unit for innovative public company in mobile/broadband space.  Identified the need to and partnered with application companies and terminal manufacturers to sell total solution; created/presented “How to Make Money” seminars and workshops at 30 global wireless clients; created seminars on selling solutions downstream to customers as added revenue stream; responsible for global oversight that led sales teams through 12-18 month sales cycle.

  • Results: Achieved $1.5 million in 1st year bookings; forecast to produce $15 million in 2nd year;
  • Results: Secured technology trials with 3 major global operators.
  • Results: Secured location technology trial with EENA112 member

Cambridge Positioning Systems (Cambridge, UK): Senior Vice President Global Sales                               2001 – 2006

A leading provider of location technology for GSM and 3G mobile devices.

Job Description

Responsible for worldwide sales and business development for a VC funded Startup Company.  Managed a team of sales professionals responsible for selling to the chip set manufacturers and RAN vendor’s software components of a high accuracy location solution that required integration into the hand set and the RAN Vendor’s base stations.  Direct sales responsibility for selling to the N. American GSM operators to create demand  and sales via  OEM channels including chip set manufacturers, hand set manufacturers and RAN vendors to adopt the technology required to meet Public Safety EENA112 (Europe) and  E911 (North America)  emergency services country directives.


Drove global sales for Startup Company selling software technology solutions with high level of accuracy for locating GSM and 3G devices.  Assessed North American opportunities; found best prospects within E911 market and sold via the RAN vendors multimillion $ location solutions to ATT, Cingular and T-Mobile; targeted infrastructure and handset vendors; negotiated integration, licensing and reseller agreements; hired direct sales staff and managed for Europe and N. America; signed representation agreements for Asia Pacific, EMEA and Latin America.

  • Results: Closed and Signed multi-million $ licensing contracts with Ericsson, Siemens and Nortel
  • Results: Closed multi-million dollar OEM integration contracts from six of the largest hand set manufacturers;
  • Results: Identified and closed the first million $+ contract in China
  • Results: Closed $500K opportunity in Malaysia
  • Results: Secured trials in China and Brazil
  • Results: Closed $2M opportunity in China as result of the trial (Atlanta, Georgia): President and EVP Sales                                                                                1998 – 2001

An innovate provider of two-way wireless Internet messaging products and services for wireless carriers.

 Job Description

General Manager for  sales, finance, operations, engineering and support. Direct line responsibility for all sales, business development and marketing.  Directly responsible for generating  the first sales and demand creation architect for unique new technology that provided E-Mail to the mobile phone. Positioned the company for “spin out” from its’ parent, TWS.    Negotiated the “buy out” of the “E-mail” business unit from TWS, the parent company. Brought in senior level executives for the Board of Directors and worked with the Board of Directors to create a business plan to present to potential investors.

Established a UK London office where the first generation of “E-Mail to the mobile device” was launched.  Continued as the EX. VP of Sales and Business Development until leaving the company.


Started up new software / wireless solutions division within TWC, the parent.  Hired staff; developed strategic plan; oversaw product development, sales, marketing, finance and customer support; raised VC capital for management buy-out of division; negotiated $2.5 million with (NYSE company) for minority ownership position and agreement to launch wireless mailbox services in UK; signed reseller agreements from $.5 to $1 million with international companies; launched product in Europe; negotiated acquisition of New Zealand company for technology and customer base; authored term sheet to raise additional funding. This was successful effort which facilitated the sale the company to a private investor.

Digital Transmission Systems (Atlanta, GA): GM/SR.  Vice President of Sales for  Wireless Division         1995 – 1998

Developer and manufacturer of the  next generation spread spectrum wireless radios for wireless operators and large enterprises.

 Job Description

Responsible for the sales of multiplexers and spread spectrum radios outside of the United States. Identified an existing radio technology which could be rapidly sold with a private label into Latin America, China and India. Authored a business plan and submitted to the Board of Directors that would initially source from an ODM  a Spread Spectrum Radio and private label to sell into selected international markets. After immediate success convinced the Board of Directors to design and manufacture the product internally to increase margins and control costs. Worked with the Board of Directors to put together a term sheet  and position the company for an IPO.


Introduced wireless radio solution into international marketplace.  Created/presented business case to Board of Directors to develop internally next generation wireless product; gained approval; seized opportunity to become dominant supplier of new radio solution; identified wireless supplier for private labeling in Latin America; found contract manufacturer to ramp up/compete in Asia Pacific; led direct/indirect sales and support channels.

Led business growth to position company focused on design, manufacture and sale of communication software, multiplexers, network management systems and wireless spread spectrum microwave radios for IPO.  Oversaw development of new product contributing 20+% of revenue; saved money by developing marketing and advertising co-op programs; served as key member of executive management team writing term sheet; participated in road shows to sell term sheet to Venture Capitalists.

  • Results: Generated $13 million with 62% margin in first two years in Asia Pacific and Latin America; kept cost of sales, marketing and support at minimum by outsourcing manufacturing to an  ODM
  • Exceeded EBITDA targets in 1996, 1997 and 1998
  • Results: Produced 38% of parent company revenues in the second year by implementing his international growth strategy
  • Results: Successful IPO



Hayes Microcomputer Products (London-UK): GM and CMO–Europe-Middle East &Africa                     1993 – 1995

Leading innovator and manufacture of next generation of low cost modems and PC communications software.

 Job Description

General Manager for Hayes European subsidiary.  Responsible for sales, marketing, finance, recruiting, operations and technical support.  P&L responsibility targeted with meeting the agreed business plan revenue numbers and EBITDA.


Accelerated ramp up of European-based international business unit for leading manufacturer of microcomputer products to meet market demand.  Growing the staff from 6 to 36 as revenues ramped; Managed $42 million budget; Employed strategies to expand brand awareness; Expanded from 40 to 150+ distributors and reseller outlets including sales through Super Computer Stores in UK; strengthened customer support; established fir st OEM sales channels with private label branding.

  • Results: OEM version produced $10.5 million in incremental sales during the first 18 months without impacting margins or growth from manufacturer’s labeled products

Results: Increased from $22 to $52 million in the first  24 months

General Datacomm Industries (Paris, France): VP Sales-European Region                                                1990 – 1993

NYSE listed World Wide leader in the development and manufacturing of high-speed network access and transport equipment for carriers, service providers, governments and commercial end-users.

Job Description

General Manager with P&L responsibility;  Senior Executive for Paris HQ for GDC  European Subsidiary.  Responsible for staffing and management of all sales, marketing, finance, operations and technical support. Direct line management for all sales and business development.  Recruited and trained l reseller and OEM partner channels.


Architected/Executed sales expansion and support plan for continental Europe.  Developed strategies to drive sales of hardware and software worldwide through multiple channels; established first office in Paris and hired staff; managed sales, marketing and field support in EMEA; developed/strengthened relationships with direct sales, OEMs, distributors and key accounts;

  • Results: Successfully negotiated the first OEM agreement to TRT-Philips for private labeling.
  • Results: Achieved $1.5 million revenue in 1st year  from TRT-Philips
  • Results: Consistently made bookings and revenue quota
  • Results: Exceeded Quota and EBITDA

Digital Communications Associates (US & the Netherlands): GM and VP-Sales Europe                             1984 – 1990

Developer and manufacturer of networking and PC to Mainframe communications products.

Job Description

The first two years responsible for all OEM sales and quota achievement  in the United States of communication products. Subsequent was promoted to the GM / Sales director for the first sales office outside of the United States to support the rapidly growing international requirements for PC Communication Solutions.  GM: Recruiting of staff, providing budgets and costs controls and delivering sales to meet quota and delivering the agreed  EBITDA for the International Division.


Established the European HQ for support and distribution of products to also include EMEA and Asia Pacific for $200 million Company.  Expanded  staff  to 45 people  to support steep revenue growth; set up international distribution channels with 14 country importers/distributors and 28 Master resellers in EMEA, APAC and LATAM to provide sales, stock products and provide customer support; hired and trained sales, marketing and support teams; created company’s first European software manufacturing operation, warehouse and product support organization; managed budget  of $15 Million; integrated strategic Swiss acquisition into organization; set up distribution center in Ireland which improved profitability by 26% by reducing shipping costs and reducing import duties;

  • Results: Improved profitability by reducing shipping costs
  • Results: Grew sales from $1 to $12 million in Asia Pacific in the first 2 years
  • Results: Grew sales in LATAM from $1Million – $10 Million  in LATAM
  • Results: Grew sales from $3 to $42Million in EMEA in 3 years; Exceeded quota and EBITDA during all 4 years